Pilates Classes in Mt Shasta

Drop in is $15 per class. Class packages are also available:
1 class per week $40/month
2 classes per week $80/month
3 classes per week $120/month.

Classes can accommodate up to 6 people. Contact Laura at (530)925-3417 to secure your space.

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Ageless Pilates

Monday at 9:30

Building strength from the inside out for adults of all ages. Pilates exercises are modified for specific needs. This class is about balance and stability, preventing falls, easing stiffness, and invigorating the system for radiant, energized well-being.


Stretch Into Pilates

Coming soon

Traditional Pilates exercises with gentle stretching and modifications as needed. This is a great class for those curious to explore Pilates, or for those who are returning to a Pilates practice after being away. Experienced students will also benefit from this gentle movement class.

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Mat Class

Coming soon

Pilates in its purest form: on the mat, the only competition is your mind. The focus is developing core strength, flexibility, and balance. All skill levels are welcome. No previous Pilates experience is required.